May. 8th, 2009 11:25 am
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I've just imported all my old content from LJ. There may be some duplicates from before I started using the cross-poster, but I think I've tidied it all up. I'll set all my LJ entries to private at some point, probably at the same time that I stop cross-posting.

I've also started unfriending people on LJ if they have an account here. If I've unfriended you on LJ but not subscribed to you nor given you access here, please let me know.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 11:20 am
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I think I need a lightweight application for posting to Dreamwidth from my phone. I used to get a lot of mileage out of Twitter when it was still useful in the UK, and out of Jaiku until they killed off their mobile app lately, but the amount of delay involved in loading Opera Mobile, navigating to DW, and posting an entry, is slightly too much for the kind of casual throwaway content I'm wanting to post - so I 'make a mental note' (i.e. forget) to do it when I get home instead.
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ETA, see also: (linked from the Valleywag post, but people seem to be missing it)

If you don't mind playing with svn and Perl, everything you need to save your journal data (posts and comments) as XML is here:
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It is extremely likely that as soon as this site launches fully to the public, I will move from LJ to there. I encourage everyone who reads my journal to have a look at the code and functionality changes these people are proposing, and the way they talk about their goals, and consider doing likewise when the time comes.

(I'll also be volunteering for the closed beta, but obviously they may not choose to accept everyone who volunteers)
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If you think [ profile] deathboy would be a suitably outspoken LJ advisory board member, you may wish to go cast a vote here:


Apr. 12th, 2008 08:09 pm
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I have not read the Journal of Life this week - anyone who's posted stuff that they think I'd want to read, please let me know and I'll go rummage around in your journal (oo-er).

Normal service may well not be resumed next week, but hopefully the week after will be a bit less busybusy :)

Comments screened, just in case people want to link to sekrit journals or something.
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I think it was [ profile] squiddity that mentioned this stuff at the weekend. It looks worth a try... I shall pop down to Boots and try to get some this week.

In other news, my home connection appears to have fallen victim to the continuing DDoS attack on LJ which is preventing some people from posting (or editing) long posts and comments, updating userinfo, etc. Fortunately I post most of my rambling crap from work anyway ;)
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As previously mentioned, I'm mildly in favour of the new update page myself, but this was a good read nonetheless:

In other, more serious news, I had a short and entirely successful "I want a promotion" conversation this morning. The CTO here is leaving in February, and I'll be stepping up to take on a number of his duties, plus a few other things that he didn't cover. So. Some panic going on right now, but on the whole I'm looking forward to the challenge. And the payrise.

In extremely related news, we're hiring. And uh, that's my problem now. So if anyone knows anyone who is looking for a Perl Developer role, working on a fairly large-scale website project and related odds and ends, then please put them in touch with me - denny at online galleries dotcom. We're based in Hoxton Square, have slight flexitime (you can come in at half nine and leave at six, if you don't like mornings), and we're a very small company so it's friendly here. We are however working in the art and antiques industry, so we have adequate backing capital and are not about to go out of business under your nose :) Salary range is 30-35k, applicant's ability is expected to be in a suitably matching range. Usual skillset - perl, linux, apache, blah, blah. Experience of the Metadot CMS would be an advantage, but really isn't expected or needed - I'd never heard of it before I started, and it's pretty easy to pick up.

By the way, what job title should I ask for (if any) now that I'm going to be in charge of the (small) development team? I'm currently 'Senior Perl Developer', should I just leave it at that, or is there something better to hint at the managerial stuff I'm taking on now?
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Not sure until I hit post, but it looks to me like it works just fine *shrug*

Of course, so did the old one. This one seems to fit slightly more into the page height though, so that's a mild improvement. And I like having 'post to' at the top. Yeah, generally speaking this seems like an improvement.

Hrm, I added opinions to the test text. I guess I'll leave this up after posting it.

Gay Memes*

Oct. 3rd, 2006 02:59 pm
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My social circle, and the wider group of people I am interested in online, is selected at least partially for intelligence, tolerance, and general not-being-a-dick-ness. I don't need to post anything about my attitude to gay rights, or any other number of issues, and not doing so doesn't mean I "don't care" about them - it just means that in the circles I choose to move in, there's no point to be made.

* did you see what I did there? ;)

Update; some of the better variations I've seen:

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