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In the red corner, for science, weighing in at 17 miles of extreme technology, we have:

And in the blue corner, for comedy religion, weighing in at never-before-seen levels of misapplied imagination, we have:


Mar. 21st, 2008 12:29 pm
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Apparently a couple of people have already posted this (I saw it in [ profile] cavalorn's journal), but it's worth re-posting.

Oh yes: not striking, as you can see. The censorship issue was fixed swiftly enough that I think the point has already been made, even if they were disingenious about fixing it, and I have no problem with the move from 'basic' accounts to 'plus' accounts as the entry point for LJ - if you're not paying for the service, then you can tolerate some ads (or install an adblocker).
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David Braben (co-creator of the game Elite) uses the new BBC Micro exhibition at the Science Museum as an excuse to rant about how being geeky used to be fashionable in the early 80s, and how this affected our technical industries. I'm not entirely sure he's right*, but anyway:

* although, contrast the heroes of Hackers with the hero of Wargames


Mar. 4th, 2008 08:08 pm
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Making a valiant bid for Coolest Thing Evar...
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Spotted this in the comments in someone else's journal and thought it was worth re-posting:

Neat video

Feb. 26th, 2008 05:27 pm
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Not sure if everyone else will have already seen this - sorry if it's all over TV, I wouldn't know as I don't watch it. I thought it was good anyway.
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An article about stumbling on happiness, found via [ profile] cryx...

Rule 1. Bingeing is bad, except when it isn't.
Rule 2. Happiness often comes from what you don't know.
Rule 3: Keeping your options open won't necessarily make you happier.
Rule 4: The things you fear are not as bad as you think.

You really need to read the explanations for most of those to make proper sense. Not sure I'm convinced by all of it, but worth a read anyway.
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Taken from the end of this post about addiction in Stephen Fry's blog.
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Most non-geeks have outbound tact filters: they filter what they want to say and add polite noise as it passes through. Geeks have inbound tact filters: they take bare communication with no politeness and just wrap it in assumed politeness as they interpret it.

When non-geeks talk, geeks think the polite sounds they make are redundant.

When geeks talk, non-geeks just think they’re being incredibly rude.

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