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Forgot to post here when I ordered them on Thursday, but I've just taken delivery of my new monitors. I now have three of these.

They're for use at home, but I've unpacked one and stuck it on my machine here at the office for the afternoon just to see what they're like. I can safely say that two things really stand out:

1. They're SHINY. Brushed metal surround, polished black base, chrome highlights. Nice.

2. They're HUGE. I know I should have been expecting that bit, but bloody hell, this thing is ginormous :-D Don't think I'll be using full-screen mode in many applications on these screens.

Display seems nice and sharp out of the box, bit bright by default but that's easily changed. No dead or stuck pixels on this one, hopefully the other two will be the same.

Now I just have to figure out how to fit them all on my desk at home.
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Last night I met up with a friend and retrieved the books and graphic novels they'd taken to the recent Neil Gaiman signing at Forbidden Planet for me (I couldn't go, due to the amazingly stupid virtual golf work social outing).

In my copy of Good Omens, already signed by Terry Pratchett with the advice "Burn This Book", Neil has added on the facing page "Apply Holy Match Here" and an arrow to the corner of the page under Terry's signature.

In my copy of Neverwhere, he wrote 'Mind The Gap' :)

In my copy of one of the Death graphic novels, he wrote "Try not to die", which is obviously good advice and I'll try to take it on board.

In the other Death graphic novel, he's added a speech balloon to the painting of Death inside the cover. She's saying "Hello Denny" :)

This is far from all the Gaiman stuff I own, but they're four of my favourites, and I didn't want to take the piss by asking him to sign all the other stuff too. The original Death mini-series was my introduction to his work and I still love it. Good Omens is easily the best thing Pratchett has ever written, so that must be Neil's influence. Neverwhere is nothing short of amazing - it only narrowly misses being my favourite book, and I've re-read it a dozen times in the last few years.
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An entire research paper on whether you should put your navigation links on the left or right of your website (summary: it doesn't matter). Posted here mostly for my own reference, but I thought it might interest a couple of other people.
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Lately there have been dozens of things I've meant to post about and I haven't got around to it. Mostly due to my terrible memory - I can think of something 2 minutes from my front door when I'm walking home, and it'll still be forgotten before I've got in, let alone booted up the PC (I'm still not leaving it on 24/7 like any rational household does, due to the dodgy power around here... must buy a UPS).

Speaking of computers and dodginess, another reason for not posting has been the various PC problems I've had lately - including most recently, the ADSL part of my local exchange blowing up or burning out or something, Thursday lunchtime. Due to the rather unhelpful hours that my ISP offer official phone support, I couldn't report this until Friday morning, and BT didn't fix it until sometime this weekend (not sure exactly when, as I was at the filmfest in 'nam for most of the weekend).

Speaking of computers, I have a Socket 939 motherboard and two 512MB sticks of DDR400 RAM for sale if anyone wants them - motherboard is brand new, used for about 2 hours (enough to figure out that my problem wasn't my old motherboard), comes with box, manual, etc. The RAM has been in use for a year or so.

In less geeky news, my girlfriend has a new boyfriend (fsvo 'new' - they've been faffing around being not quite officially in a relationship for some time now). This means I have the usual 'OMG what did I just agree to?!?' jitters, despite having spent quite a lot of the last few weeks encouraging them both in the right direction :) Emotions eh?

The 'nam filmfest was good (with the exception of 'Goth', courtesy of [ profile] ninjagirl, which was every bit as bad as promised and therefore good in its own very special way). It's really weird how tiring it is to sit around and watch movies for two whole days though - I'm exhausted, feel like I've skipped a night's sleep.

Why doesn't LJ have a 'mixed' mood?
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cut because nobody wants to see it )

...and posted because I don't want to lose it again :)

Actually, this is an improvement on the last set-up - I now have full separation of the three screens, whereas two of them were a little confused and occasionally thought they were one BIG screen before.
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While I was in the shower, I thought of a UI that I'd really like. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to think of it, and therefore there must be a working (FSVO) implementation out there for X-Windows* - I'm hoping someone can point me at it :)

So, when my PC isn't being a bitch and exploding horribly, I have three monitors. What I'd like is for whichever of the three desktop areas the window with the focus is in, to be on the centre screen. To my mind, the obvious way to achieve this is to treat the desktop as a continuous strip that loops around and re-attaches to itself 'behind' the screens, and then to spin the loop around in the required direction each time you want to change desktop. I'm not sure what the best way to switch desktops is - going to the left screen and clicking on an application would mean chasing it back to the centre screen again, which is obviously too much mouse work. Mouse gesture to roll them around maybe? And a keyboard shortcut, of course :)

If it doesn't already exist, someone should write it for me ;) As noted in the title, you could call it TARDS, which is fun. Or I'm sure the acronym could be bent to fit TARDIS, for more geek cred.

* I'm going to take a wild guess at Enlightenment, given the vast quantity of bells and whistles that particular window manager had collected last time I was using it.


Aug. 20th, 2006 05:59 pm
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As I'm not feeling much like leaving the flat, I thought I should do something useful inside it. No, not unpack - let's not be silly.

Fear My Geeky Might! (3 large-ish images) )
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If for some reason you have to use Fedora Core instead of a less braindead distribution (i.e. anything, as far as I can make out), particularly as a desktop, then you will undoubtedly find the following link extremely frustration-relieving:

Edit: go on then, while I've broached the subject here in my ventings, let's hear your recommendations for Linux distros (preferably with a why, but blind zealotry is also welcome) :) I've been a Debian fan for several years now, but I'm currently contemplating an exploratory mission into Gentoo territory.

The reason I'm using Fedora is that our work servers are Centos (I always wondered who used that, now I know), so we run Fedora on our desktops to give us something vaguely resembling a similar environment.

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