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Words. Tricksy little buggers.

So, you're using an online shop. You click 'buy' on something shiny. The place the site stores the list of shiny things which you intend to buy should best be named... what?

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I live in the UK, and it should be called...

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18 (85.7%)

1 (4.8%)

something else (see comment)
2 (9.5%)

I live in the US and it should be called...

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3 (50.0%)

2 (33.3%)

something else (see comment)
1 (16.7%)

I live somewhere far more interesting than those choices, and it should be called...

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1 (100.0%)

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PS: I'm in a really good mood today. Apparently the euphoria of having the first serious client sign up for some work from Shiny Ideas (on Friday just gone) is going to hang around and/or recur for a while. Which is nice :)
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I would like to buy about 130 feet of 'black ash effect' contiboard shelving. Does anywhere sell it any more?

I want about 90 feet at 15cm wide, and about 40 feet of it at about 25cm wide (paperback books and graphic novels, respectively).

I was all ready to buy all the bits to make my bookshelves this weekend, but neither Homebase nor B&Q sell black shelves any more. I assume this means they've gone out of fashion, but I don't really care - I want them anyway.

By the way, if anyone has any advice on how many brackets it'd be wise to put on a 12 foot long shelf crammed with paperbacks (or graphic novels) then I'd be very happy to hear it. I'm planning to use this sort of stuff to hold it all up: - vertical rails - brackets

I was thinking maybe one vertical rail every 2 or 3 feet? But that's just guessing based on the typical width of a free-standing bookshelf.
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Where are the cool kidz headbanging these days?
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I can has several new icons. Although not the one I'm using today, that's my Halloween icon from a year or two ago. (Yes, it's a tampon. There's a whole website of tampon arts and crafts, isn't the Internet wonderful?)

Anyway, the two icons I particularly wanted to mention were these:

Plink FOOM

...cropped out of today's XKCD, of course.

Could anybody make me an animated icon that has about 2/3 plink, and then 1/3 foom? :)

Thank you [ profile] elevenwords! :)
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Any recommendations of places to shop (online or in London) for ballet heel fetish boots? I know Alternative Footwear and Fantasy Heels, any other websites? What about real shops in London? Cheers.
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"It's not for me, it's for a mate", as the saying goes. Anyway, does anyone know any good resources for finding relationship counselling that won't refuse to believe you when you say "Honestly, his/her other relationships aren't the problem" ?
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Anyone got any recommendations for a good optician in the Old Street / Hoxton Square / Angel / Mount Pleasant area? Nearer to work (Mount Pleasant / Angel) would be better, but near home is do-able too.

I'm probably going to get an eye test and contact lens check and then buy the actual lenses online, so I'm not interested in their stock - just how professional they seem when doing the actual test, how modern their equipment is, etc.

And I cringe to mention this, but; reasonably comprehensible spoken English is one of my selection criteria here. I don't care in the slightest what race or nationality the person giving me a medical examination is, but if I can't understand what they're saying then it makes me worry about how well they're going to be able to elicit my feedback and interpret it. In particular, I seem to find Pakistani accents hard to understand for some reason. A Pakistani optician without a strong Pakistani accent would be absolutely fine though. *wanders off looking embarassed*
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You know that scene in Serenity where the trippy octopus advert thingy triggers River, and then she beats up everyone in the bar? I want a happy hardcore remix of the music from the octopus advert, plzkthx. If you can't find happy hardcore then techno or some other equally energetic genre would also work.

PS: still not reading LJ. Appear to have a life, or possibly several. Will report back after further field research.

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