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I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to go and buy, and I quote, "a silly hat".

Camden provided the goods: 600x800 image )

Mission accomplished.
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I can has several new icons. Although not the one I'm using today, that's my Halloween icon from a year or two ago. (Yes, it's a tampon. There's a whole website of tampon arts and crafts, isn't the Internet wonderful?)

Anyway, the two icons I particularly wanted to mention were these:

Plink FOOM

...cropped out of today's XKCD, of course.

Could anybody make me an animated icon that has about 2/3 plink, and then 1/3 foom? :)

Thank you [ profile] elevenwords! :)
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I looked at the vast empty expanse that is this weekend's plans, and then I accidentally tripped over the Airkix website, and next thing you know I've got four minutes flying booked on Sunday at 8pm. If anyone's bored and fancies joining me, there were at least four minutes left in that session, plus at least 8 in the two sessions after it, and I'll be driving down from London so there's a free lift in the offing (or I'm happy to catch the train if more than one other person wants to go along).

Is anything happening tomorrow? I seem to be at a loose end all day now. Although I might just spend it in bed reading - I keep meaning to find more time to relax and then sulking when I get it, must decide what I actually want and then be happy with it :)

PS: No, I don't like the band. But their name is great.


Jun. 1st, 2007 11:14 am
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I has many new icons, thanks to [ profile] libellum who made them for me, and [ profile] zeke_hubris who linked the donor image they all come from.

The icon set can be seen here, along with a second set of icons made from some kind of anime fellatio guide: (some NWS content, duh)
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Firstly; one of my Mythmas presents from Helen was a painting of my (previous) default LJ icon. Making an icon of the painting was, as she so correctly said when I mentioned it yesterday, "pleasingly meta" (a turn of phrase that for some reason has gone on my mental list of 'reasons why I love my girlfriend'). Doing so was also quite possibly 'inevitably meta' :)

original   painting

Secondly; I am currently at the office. I have just hired a Perl Developer, after an 11am interview that went very well. I feel a lot better about the coming few months now that I have something approaching a full team. We will have another vacancy exactly the same shape and colour in another month or so though, so I'm going to leave the advertising open and see if any more good CVs turn up in the meantime.
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Well I had to really, didn't I?  :)

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