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I seem to have stopped reading LJ. Life has been quite busy lately with one thing and another, and while I've kept up with Twitter, Facebook and Dreamwidth, and even with my online comics via Google Reader, I haven't been reading LJ for a week or two now. From now on, if anybody on there has important stuff which they think I should or would like to see, they might need to bring it to my attention via email or something.

I guess I should probably stop cross-posting to LJ too? If I'm not reading there, it seems rude to post there :)
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I have one invite code for Dreamwidth left - does anybody want it? It are gone.


May. 8th, 2009 11:25 am
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I've just imported all my old content from LJ. There may be some duplicates from before I started using the cross-poster, but I think I've tidied it all up. I'll set all my LJ entries to private at some point, probably at the same time that I stop cross-posting.

I've also started unfriending people on LJ if they have an account here. If I've unfriended you on LJ but not subscribed to you nor given you access here, please let me know.
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I have three Dreamwidth invite code available... same conditions as last time, please only ask if you actually intend to move to Dreamwidth, please don't ask if you only want to squat on a username and not use it.

All gone :)
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I have one (1) shiny new invite code for Dreamwidth. I would like to give it to somebody who is intending to migrate to Dreamwidth, or otherwise use their journal there, not to somebody who just wants to bagsie their desired username and then not use the service for now. Anybody want it on those terms?

Gone. Sold to the man with the odd collection of circuit boards and disembowelled mobile phones ;)
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I've joined the Dreamwidth closed beta. It's not very exciting at present*, just a journal with a naff basic theme, but if you want to have a look then here it is:

Oh, I posted about a fairly neat PayPal phishing scam over there:

* although setting up separate lists for 'people whose journals I want to read' and 'people that can read my locked entries' will be quite satisfying to anybody who has ever moaned about the way LJ conflates the two concepts into the drama-inducingly-named 'friends list'.
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ETA, see also: (linked from the Valleywag post, but people seem to be missing it)

If you don't mind playing with svn and Perl, everything you need to save your journal data (posts and comments) as XML is here:
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It is extremely likely that as soon as this site launches fully to the public, I will move from LJ to there. I encourage everyone who reads my journal to have a look at the code and functionality changes these people are proposing, and the way they talk about their goals, and consider doing likewise when the time comes.

(I'll also be volunteering for the closed beta, but obviously they may not choose to accept everyone who volunteers)

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