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SMS from my flatmate [ profile] mr_magicfingers: "All the DVDs in the world just arrived."

That'll be the entire Star Trek TNG then. And the entire Star Trek DS9.

I really should stop visiting :)
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The good news is, my Nokia N810 was delivered today. Whee, shiny thing!!

The bad news is, I may have to kill myself in reaction to the Instructions For The Slow Of Thinking.

For example:
Switch the device on or off
To switch the device on or off,
press and hold the power key.
Gee thanks mister, I ain't done seen none of this here electrickery before.
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Forgot to post here when I ordered them on Thursday, but I've just taken delivery of my new monitors. I now have three of these.

They're for use at home, but I've unpacked one and stuck it on my machine here at the office for the afternoon just to see what they're like. I can safely say that two things really stand out:

1. They're SHINY. Brushed metal surround, polished black base, chrome highlights. Nice.

2. They're HUGE. I know I should have been expecting that bit, but bloody hell, this thing is ginormous :-D Don't think I'll be using full-screen mode in many applications on these screens.

Display seems nice and sharp out of the box, bit bright by default but that's easily changed. No dead or stuck pixels on this one, hopefully the other two will be the same.

Now I just have to figure out how to fit them all on my desk at home.

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