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In the middle of this Aqua medley on YouTube a caption appears for a few seconds, which reads "Telefonafstemning slut".

Naturally I was fascinated by this, and Googled the interesting word. Turns out that "the phrase is Danish for 'Voting by phone has ended'".

Brilliant. I want it printed on a t-shirt.

By the way, the reason I originally ran across the video was that it features a surprise appearance by Safri Duo near the end :) (although the reason I watched the whole thing is that the girl in Aqua gives me the horn) (plus I actually really like a lot of their music, but that's less credible than watching it because the girl is hot)

So speaking of Safri Duo, I haven't told everyone that they're fantastic lately, so here you go... these guys are fantastic:

I've not actually seen them in action before, just heard them. After watching those videos, I really want to see them live.
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You know that scene in Serenity where the trippy octopus advert thingy triggers River, and then she beats up everyone in the bar? I want a happy hardcore remix of the music from the octopus advert, plzkthx. If you can't find happy hardcore then techno or some other equally energetic genre would also work.

PS: still not reading LJ. Appear to have a life, or possibly several. Will report back after further field research.

Safri Duo

Mar. 5th, 2007 12:49 pm
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I don't do this very often, but here's a bit of pirated music for you. Well, I've bought it, but you can run up the skull and crossbones while you download it:

(Winamp will play OGG files, I assume iTunes and WMP will cope too although I have no idea)

Then if you like it, you can go and buy the album from this general vicinity:

(I link to Amazon even more rarely, as I refuse to use them personally due to the one-click patent - however, the album is really worth owning, and sadly don't stock the 2CD edition of it)
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Lab4 have announced that they're folding, which seems like something of a shame. They're doing some farewell gigs, so hopefully I'll be able to get along to one of them - I was meant to see them next weekend, but that gig got cancelled by the promoter a few weeks ago.

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