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Today I went to the gym. Yesterday too. Bored now.

Oh, I went to work yesterday afternoon as well. It was quite nice to get on with writing a bit of code without feeling like I had to be aware of any crises that might spring up in all the other projects going on around me... might make a habit of popping into the office for a couple of hours at the weekend in future.

That said, right now I urgently need to start sorting out all the stuff from my old house in MK, which is currently filling my friend's garage in MK - he wants it shifted in the next few weeks so he can start installing a doorway into the garage wall and then painting it. Some of my friends have got so domesticated it's scary. It was very good of him to let me dump all that shit there on short notice though, so I really need to be on top of getting it back out of his way when I said I would (i.e. February/March). So that's my weekends a bit stuffed for the foreseeable.

[ profile] arachne posted this comic, which is great:

[ profile] libellum made us pancakes again last night. <3

Not really looking forward to this coming week at work... got some tight deadlines on a project for a difficult client and I can see major stress ahead. Ho hum.
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To the gym again this evening. It was kind of easy really. Didn't try to overdo anything, as I pushed myself a bit hard on Saturday and was worried about the backlash (which was less than I was expecting, but still, no point in being silly twice in one week). Zoomed through my whole programme up to the last couple of things, where I got a bit derailed by something unexpected - not a physical slump, but an emotional one. The reason? A couple on the exercise mats to the right of where I was using the shoulder press machine, discussing my leg rather audibly:

Her: "Eww, that's horrible!"
Him: "Eh? Oh! Yeah, bit stomach-turning."

Thanks very much for that. You only 'had' to look at it for a few minutes, I have to live with it every day. Bastards.

I was actually surprised by how much that upset me. Made getting the last couple of sets done a bit hard going, but I soldiered through them and then drove home with a certain amount of um, flair. Shiny car with loud stereo make everything better :)

Things I will be posting periodic reminders about:
Twitter - let all your friends know what you're up to via SMS.
Circus on the Circus - a circus skills event near my flat.

I've invited my kid brother to come down and stay on the weekend of the latter. He lives in Norfolk, is 18 this year (omg! I am teh old!!) and is better at every circus toy we have in common, plus he can do a few more too. Flash git. :)
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Went to the gym again this evening. To my (pleased) surprise, it was easy. The only thing that gave me pause at all was the final 8 minute 'cool-down' on the cross-trainer, halfway through which I was knackered. About a minute after that I trudged over some crucial tedium/endorphin crest and went wheeeeeee for the remaining three minutes, then decided to ignore the bus, opting to walk the 2 miles home instead. I feel distinctly perky now.
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The Good

Last night, [ profile] libellum and I went to Belgo Noord, a Belgian eating/drinking place in Camden (just south of Chalk Farm tube station). ZOMG. You must go. For the odd person like me who isn't too interested in beer, they have fantastic food - we had mussels, steak, lobster, and pheasant, accompanied by chips (with frite sauce, nyom) and garlic mushrooms. There wasn't a single thing on that list that they didn't cook to perfection. For the rest of you, they have a list of beers that borders on terrifying - especially once you start looking at the percentage of alcohol in them. If that's not enough, the prices are fairly reasonable, and the service is incredibly good. Extremely recommended.

The Bad

This morning I tried to pay for £18 of groceries on my debit card, only to find that it was rejected for 'insufficient funds'. This was quite unexpected, so I phoned up Abbey and asked for a run-down of transactions since payday. It turns out my card has been cloned. Again. By the same people, or at least, they've spent money on all the same websites and phone top-ups as last time. Fuckers.

I've been quite careful about where I use the debit card since last time this happened, and particularly in my area as I know it was cloned by someone around here last time. This means that I'm almost positive that it's the shop straight across from my flat, which is really disappointing because they seem like nice guys.

The Ugly

Just got back from the gym. I am very unfit. Oog.
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This afternoon I finally got around to going to the local branch of Virgin Active and transferring my membership from Colliers Wood to there. This unusual bout of getting-something-done was largely motivated by the ridiculous levels of enthusiasm for exercise which can be found in the journal of [ profile] easternpromise, which I started reading recently.

Unfortunately, not only is it not all that local (it's at Angel, which from my flat is a ten minute walk followed by a ten minute wait for a bus followed by a ten minute bus ride), not only did transferring my membership cost me 10 quid (bit annoying after I've spent six months paying them 65 quid a month and not actually going at all), not only is the local gym more expensive (77 quid a month instead of 66), but it's also nowhere near as nice as the one in Colliers Wood. The kit is older and less nice to use, it's downstairs in a poky basement instead of in a nice high-ceiling upstairs room with big windows, and it's all crammed together instead of nicely spaced out. On the whole I was greatly unimpressed.

I booked myself an induction session anyway, as I figured I may as well plod on with it now that I've started the ball rolling. Then I came home. A short spod later, and [ profile] skorpionuk pops up for a chat. On hearing my tale of woe, she informed me that VA have just bought Holmes Place. I google them, check out their site, and what do you know - they have two gyms closer to my place, and they're theoretically part of VA now. I think I shall go and check them both out and see which one is nicer, then transfer my membership again. After the induction, that is - might as well see if she's got anything useful to suggest before I jump ship again.

Actually, I could go and check out the HP gyms tomorrow. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Fear my almost productive day. *goes back to microwaving pizza and reading sci-fi*

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