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Tomorrow I will be taking part in the Climate Camp 'Swoop'. I will also be one of the people responsible for running the official Climate Camp twitter account - my posts will be the ones tagged #RioTintoSwoop. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and I'll remember to post about it later in the week after I've got some sleep!
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This evening, for some reason, I decided that the journey from [ profile] libellum's place back to mine (largely via the 67 bus) deserved reporting on in the manner of a Discovery Channel travelogue (the first post popped into my head fully written as I watched the 67 bus go past me just before I could reach the stop, after Helen had held me up with some random DIY-related questions as I was leaving her place). :)

I re-post my last batch of twitters here for your amusement/befuddlement... bear in mind I was working with a 130 character limit here.

"Heading back to civilisation. First hitch; delays clearing customs in the north mean that I narrowly miss my bus. I wait for the next one."

"The rain in the north is strange. Different in texture perhaps. Instead of an omnipresent drizzle, there are heavy drops, widely spaced."

"The next bus arrives and I gratefully board. The natives already aboard talk in their own language and laugh together. I sit on my own."

"The bus swings around a sharp corner, and I glance around wildly until I spot a familiar landmark... we're still on the right track."

"We've been stationary for several minutes now. A discussion at the front of the bus is getting heated. I hope we won't have to camp here." (this is a special bonus message, which for some reason never made it to the Twitter servers despite being marked as 'sent okay' on my phone)

"We see a display of jewellery, intended for marriage ceremonies. A group of native girls indicate their approval with loud shrieking."

"The large displays of exotic fruits for sale continue to confuse me... in such a crime-ridden area, why is it safe to leave food unattended?"

"My phone battery ran out before I rejoined civilisation, and so the last entries of my journey must be made retrospectively from the web..."

"Here the track the bus follows diverges from my desired direction of travel... I reluctantly leave its relative safety and take to my feet."

"As I trek back into more familiar territory, I reflect on the differences one can find when one travels. In the world, and in oneself."

"-- Seven Sisters to Hoxton, in the style of a Discovery Channel travelogue. Sorry to anyone who didn't find it as funny as I did :)"

Yes, I know, this is why people don't follow me on Twitter. :-p
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I emailed Twitter's support address asking about privacy issues. They replied, I asked for an explicit clarification, and they replied with that too. Here's the text of the emails:
> Some people I've shown the site to have asked whether they should be
> worried about giving you their phone number.  At a quick glance, I'm not
> sure what to tell them - you don't have anything I can see which
> promises not to send my friends SMS spam for ever and a day if they sign
> up.  It would be nice to see a privacy policy appear next to the ToS link...

Thanks for your email.  We're working on a privacy policy now.  In the meantime, 
thanks for your patience, and we will not give out any one's personal information.

> Specifically, can you confirm that you won't be using or selling the
> phone numbers you're gathering for any purpose other than sending
> messages generated by the user's Twitter friends?

We absolutely will not sell phone numbers!  The only reason we ask for phone 
numbers is to deliver the text messages to you, and only the ones you opt in 
to receive.  We should have a privacy policy up soon, but in the interim, if 
you feel uncomfortable having your phone number online, you can always use 
Twitter with IM or on the web only.

So... go sign up! :)


Feb. 17th, 2007 08:08 pm
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You should all go and check out Twitter. Here's the very basic explanation of what it is (because it's not obvious from looking at their slightly hideous website):

1. You create an account.
2. You add your friends to your friends list.
3. When you go somewhere unusual, you send a text message to Twitter saying "Bored today, going to see Chinese New Year parade, be at Trafalgar Square in half hour or so", and the site sends that message by SMS to everyone on your friends list!

It's like that madly disorganised last-minute thing of sending texts to people who might be in the area you've unexpectedly found yourself in, only on a thermonuclear scale. Also, cheaper. I'm not sure yet whether it will be cool or bloody annoying in the long run, but it's easy enough to turn the text notifications on and off via SMS or web, and you can configure times to automatically stop and start them each day so you don't get them while you're asleep.

So - go sign up, check it out - it'll only be useful if a load of us get on there. My username is denny if you'd like to add me to your friends list (I will probably only add people who are in or likely to visit London).

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