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Just found my way to [ profile] 50_in_07 (via a post by [ profile] skorpionuk). I'm not sure I can be bothered to find the time to write reviews of most of the books I read, but I was interested to know if I read more or less than their target of 50 books per year. Initially it seems like a low number, then you express it as basically one per week and you wonder if it's that low after all.

The stuff I've bought or read in the last few months tends to be piled on top of my bookcases (due to never quite having enough space for all the books I own) so I figured it should be fairly easy to list at least most of the stuff I've read since the summer...

mostly for my own amusement, but feel free to look if you're bored/interested )
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One of my friends has just started [ profile] loveisagoodbook, which seems like a good idea to me. As she said, I know there are plenty of book review communities out there already, but it'd be nice to have one that's mostly people you know or know of...
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Seems like a neat idea... I was discussing these schemes with someone recently, but I haven't heard of an online one before. My step-dad's pub has been doing something similar (less structured, but then it's a pub) for 10 years or more now, and I always thought it was a brilliant idea.

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