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Things seem to have gone quite badly and very unexpectedly wrong in one little area of my life. Unfortunately it's one that was bringing me a great deal of happiness lately, so now I'm really quite sad and upset. Normal service will hopefully be resumed at some point, once I've got over the shock.

Sometimes it's very difficult to remember the good things about life at these times, so let's look at those:

* My girlfriend is great. She is snuggly and lovely and has tried very hard to be patient with my somewhat wonky moods this week.

* I was starting to get my focus back at work, although the above-mentioned turn in fortunes did derail me somewhat. Hopefully I can get it together again this week and stay on track this time.

* Flat purchase still apparently going according to plan. Valuation was agreed on Thursday, so just waiting for mortgage to be approved I guess, then it's time for the lawyers to do their thing. The seller wants to complete by the end of the month, which seems a bit unrealistic to me, but if the lawyers can be persuaded to move that quickly then I have no real objection to the idea. I have been cheering myself up by trying to work out what I'll be doing about redecorating. Which probably says a lot about my state of mind actually.

While I'm here, a reminder: Helen and Kristen are about to have their first art exhibition, running for the next two weeks at The Foundry. You should all come :) Preferably to the opening night, which is on Wednesday.
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Offer on flat rejected, counter-offer entirely reasonable and therefore accepted. Next stop, getting a survey.
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I've found a flat I like. I've put an offer in. In the morning I will speak to my IFA again to start the ball rolling on getting a mortgage agreed in principle.

Fingers crossed, eh?
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Life is going pretty damn well at the minute. In no particular order, lately I have:

* Flown (or indoor skydived, whichever name you prefer - I intend to go back a LOT once I get my settlement money).
* Fallen in love (rather suddenly and unexpectedly, and all the sweeter for it).
* Had a strangely affirming sort-of reprimand at work ("I need you to stop being apathetic; you're second in command of the whole company and I need your help." "Ah. Right.").
* Had lots of fantastic kinky sex. My girlfriend is made of win and yum.
* Had my annual check-up at the GUM clinic, all tests clear. Always nice.
* Failed to find a flat, despite looking at dozens of them. I'm not in a hurry particularly, but it would be nice to have somewhere of my own. Preferably somewhere of a reasonable size - I want to host some after-parties.
* Spent lots of time with my friends. They are lovely, lovely people, and I want to spend even more lots of time with them. Damn this working for a living nonsense, it interferes badly with what could otherwise be really monumentally spectacular social lives.
* Done quite a bit of spinning, mostly staff. Notably, four hours at Trance on the Thames - a free outdoor dance party on the Thames Beach (only appears at low tide, under Festival Pier on the south bank) - which was loads of fun.

Coming up there are more exciting things... at the end of this week, Helen and Kristen will be doing a live painting event at Planet Angel, which is cool. At the end of this month, they will be having their first exhibition, at The Foundry, which is even cooler. You should all come, to both but particularly to the exhibition - preferably to the opening night, on the 22nd :) [details]

I also have a certain amount of stress sources. Work is difficult to get a handle on at present, hence the previously referenced apathy. The new love, while sweet and wonderful, has not been the simplest of emotional entanglements, and continues to be tricky in places. My leg regularly hurts much more than usual for no apparant reason, and the promised settlement money hasn't even begun the process of turning up - the other side's insurance company are clearly going to wait until they're legally 100% obliged and compelled to hand over the cash (and quite possibly threatened with bailiffs) before they actually do so. Bastards.

Still, the good things (especially that new love, and my glorious girlfriend and friends) are outweighing the bad by a margin I couldn't begin to estimate. It's good being me.

Which is nice.
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Trying to make a decision between two flats I might be able to buy. Interestingly, they both have exactly the same layout, which simplifies the decision slightly... but not much:

Edited to add: the flats in question are both large 3-bedroom maisonettes - space is not a problem.

Flat A:
In E2 (near Hackey Road)
Has a garage
Near a main road, but otherwise the neighbourhood seems quiet
Recently and very nicely refitted bathroom and toilet
Bedroom and frontroom decoration good
Kitchen okay
Windows all new and shiny

Flat B:
In N1 (near Hoxton Street)
No garage, but plenty of parking
Opposite a fairly large park (handy for fire-spinning etc)
Not near any huge roads, but otherwise the neighbourhood seems a bit noisy (kids playing in halls, etc)
Desperately needs bathroom and toilet refitting
Bedroom and frontroom decoration hideous
Kitchen nice
Windows in very poor condition, council likely to demand money for replacing them soon (could be up to £10,000)


I don't really know. The cheaper price is obviously tempting - I'm at the edges of my budget here, £40k is a lot of extra money to pay interest on every month. I'd prefer to live in N1 than E2 - I think of myself as a north London kind of person, having spent lots of time in Kentish Town as a kid. OTOH, having a garage would be really handy given the car I drive. The bathroon and toilet in the naff one would need doing before I could move in, they're really shit. But that would only cost ITRO £5000 according to a builder I've spoken with. Add in the redecorating and some other work that needs doing, call it £10,000 I'd have to spend before I'd want to move in. So it'd end up costing me nearly the same maybe, with the windows and the building/decorating stuff, but it'd be in N1 and it'd be decorated etc exactly as I chose. But no garage. But quieter streets. But noisier block? But near a park. *head-splodey*

I r confused.
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Was looking at flat-hunting websites again this evening. Found one place that's a bit off the top of my price range, but looks really nice inside. Then I noticed, it's a first-floor flat, straight on top of a pub. "Maybe not", I think.

Then I think again... after all, it's a pub in EC1. A City pub. It's probably rammed in the early evening, but I doubt it's that bad by kicking out time... and quite possibly quiet at the weekend too.

I decided that I'd drive past it a few times over the next week, see how noisy it seems at various times of day and week.

I just drove there for the first time, on the way home from visiting the House of Monkeys this evening. I managed to find it, got out of my car, and instantly felt incredibly at peace and at home - to a positively disconcerting degree.

I hope it's always that nice there. I hope I can get it.

Update: walked back there this morning... turns out the pub is closed, and has been for at least three years according to the locals. So not really a noise issue now, but could be re-opened any time I guess. Or could stay closed for the next ten years, or get converted into more flats. *shrug*

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