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Glade weather forecast which covers early arrival and late departure days (i.e. Thursday to Monday inclusive). Looks fairly mixed - possible rain on Thursday, possible sun on Saturday, cloudy for most of the rest.

I still can't quite decide whether I should go after all - there are still tickets available if I wanted to change my mind, although it would require some fast negotiation with work. I'm not particularly interested in the event itself, and I'm really not keen on camping in a wet and muddy field for a week, but it would be really nice to spend a week dossing around with my friends...

On the whole I think it's probably not worth the risk of paying a fair amount of money to have a potentially miserable week... but I will miss everyone lots. :-\
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Glade have just released an extra 1500 tickets for sale. So uh, I guess I'm not going to be able to sell my Glade ticket now.

Not really sure what to do. I've totally lost interest in going. I have no money at all - in fact, I'm over my £2900 overdraft limit, so I have considerably less than 'no money'. I don't yet have a tent, sleeping bag, or any pocket-goodies to make the weekend more interesting. The weather reports range from miserable to really fucking miserable, and I don't much like camping at the best of times. My leg is going to fucking kill me if it's even threatening rain all weekend, let alone if it's tipping it down. Plus the whole situation with [ profile] calnen's wedding being in the middle of the weekend makes things complicated, and has been made further complicated by [ profile] libellum and [ profile] romauld breaking up; he was going to be her date at most of the wedding - now she may well need me to be there all day instead. Which would suit me just fine, to be honest.

In summary: meh.
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Okay, it looks like I probably want to sell my Glade ticket if possible. If anyone knows anyone who wants to buy it, please put them in touch with me.

I guess I need to look into how difficult it is to transfer ownership of a ticket, given the precautions they're supposedly taking about double-checking addresses etc.


Apr. 18th, 2007 01:12 pm
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Dear Denny de la Haye,

We have received your payment for the following order.

Your tickets will be sent to international addresses 4 weeks before the festival and to UK addresses 3 weeks before the festival.

1 x Glade Festival Ticket @ 110.00

This leaves me only with the issue of attending [ profile] calnen and [ profile] jezzifishie's wedding (Saturday afternoon, in Hertford) to figure out. Google Maps estimates a 1hr 15m drive from Reading, so I'm guessing two hours to be safe. The ceremony is at midday, which means I'll have to leave the Glade site at or before 10am (I'll be taking it easy on Friday night, obviously). When the wedding guests head off to their posh dinner, I'll wish them all well and head back to the Glade site. At which point there may be a bit of making up for lost time :)

Glade FTW.

Apr. 18th, 2007 09:50 am
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Due to our determination to stop ticket touting, we've decided that every ticket will have the ticket holders name and address printed on the ticket. When you arrive at the festival, you will be asked for ID (Drivers License, Utility bill, Passport, Credit Card etc) to prove you are the person whose name is on the ticket.
Every event organiser should do this.


Apr. 6th, 2007 10:58 am
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Glade festival is the same weekend as [ profile] libellum's brother's wedding. Argh.

I really want to go to Glade this year - [ profile] denari's review last year sold it with no questions asked - but on the other hand, I do really like her brother, and he won't be getting married again next year. I say again, argh.

Does Emily Post have anything to say on this one?

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