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Got to work this morning to be told I'll be laid off effective June 1st (along with the other developer here), unless something miraculous happens to our workload in the next week or so.

So... job leads welcome - contract or permanent.

( I don't maintain a CV any more, as LinkedIn has most of the relevant info: )

* There's probably a pun to be had on having started to build my RAID system last night, but I can't be bothered just now.
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Looks like the company I work for might be getting new offices. I have to say I approve of my potential new commute:
denny: (You make me laugh)
Me: "Does anybody want to win a trip to New York?"
Boss: "That's the place full of Americans, right? No thanks."
*general laughter*
Boss: "It's not that I dislike individual Americans, but... well, I don't dislike individual ants, but I wouldn't climb into their nest."

Phone Phun

Jun. 11th, 2008 05:00 pm
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Work will give me any phone on this list:

But I want one of these: (Nokia N82)

Which in typically unhelpful fashion, O2 stopped selling about 15 seconds before I got the go-ahead to get one.

So. Does anyone want any of the phones on the list linked above, enough to pay reasonable money for it? If so, I'll seriously consider getting whatever phone it is, selling it to you, and putting the money towards buying the N82 from (for example, an unlocked N95-8GB is 390 quid on - make me an offer for the O2 version).

It's either that, or I can get a 3G iPhone, and I'm not really that impressed with their spec. Most particularly, I'm not impressed with the fact that Apple have crippled the bluetooth stack so you can't use the device as a modem - aggravating wankers.

Or I could get the N95 for myself, but I don't like slidey-flippy-movey-bits phones - I'm always convinced I'm going to break them.
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So, that was the first week at my new job. How did it go? Really really well. I've actually been feeling a bit euphoric since about 5pm today, which I think you'll agree is a pretty good feeling to get from a week's work.

* On Monday, my first day, I identified and documented a bug in the installer for the system. I then fixed it, and committed the fix to the main code repository. This is unusual for a first day, which usually mostly consist of setting up your machine and finding some desktop wallpaper that you like. Both myself and my colleagues were very happy with this auspicious start.
* On Tuesday, I identified a group of related issues with the front-end of the system (in the WYSIWYG editor) and did some work on tracking down where it was going wrong, before handing the problem over to the contractor who built the editor. I then took the lead on Tuesday and Wednesday in getting him to follow through on the bug report and produce fixes for the two bugs that were causing the issues I'd found. By the end of Wednesday the issue was fully resolved and the bug closed.
* On Wednesday I found an extremely serious back-end issue with the system (extraneous database handles being created and held open by one of the senior access-level workflow functions, causing the system to break horribly after a fairly short period of serious use). I spent a lot of time tracing this through various module and templates on Wednesday, Thursday, and this morning, before eventually wrapping up everything I'd figured out (up to the point where I got stuck) into an email to the contractor who built the back-end. I was a bit nervous about this because the guy is Extremely Respected in my specific area of my industry, so I was quite worried that it would turn out to be something trivial and I'd look like a complete fuckwit. Turns out, his response to my email was essentially "D'oh! I am an idiot.", followed by an explanation of what he'd done wrong and why that had made it largely impossible for me to trace the problem any further than I had. He also checked in patches, resolving the issue at about 4:30pm today (hence my 5pm-ish euphoria).

So... I've found three bugs of various degrees of severity (one of them a real show-stopper). I've fixed the bugs where I could, and handed over very good bug reports to other developers where that was more appropriate. Where I've handed issues over, I've kept track of the issue and made sure that it got resolved appropriately. Basically, I am feeling incredibly professionally competent right now. This is a good feeling to have at the end of your first week in a new job.

As if this wasn't good enough, I went out for a drink with my boss last night (at [ profile] whatleydude's Mobile Geeks of London event), and not only did he seem really very happy with my work so far, but he also turns out to be a bit of a club-monster and a generally cool person.

Speaking of clubbing:
* I'm going to go get ready for tonight's All Night Spinning Party at the Synergy Centre
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Following on from nearly an hour of trying to debug my not-quite-working sound setup yesterday on freenode's #ubuntu-uk

<denny> still no sound here... anyone got any new suggestions of things to check today? :)
<popey> have you seen the audio troubleshooting guide on the wiki denny ?
[ brief pause while a casual glance at the front of my PC turns into a look of horror ]
<denny> oh man
<denny> I just found the problem
<denny> you know how everyone kept asking me if the speakers were plugged in...?
<Ng> hehe
<denny> there's a headphone jack on the front of this machine, I never even noticed
<denny> the rear one must be disconnected
<denny> 11/10 for embarrassing :)
<popey> you dope
<denny> on the bright side, now I can listen to music while I code
<mrben> denny: can you hear that horn now?
<mrben> denny: it's your shipment of fail docking at the port....
<denny> uh huh
<denny> mock away
<denny> you can't possibly match the levels of mockery happening in this office right now :)
My boss has been asked by three different people in the last hour whether he would mind taking various video clips and image files into this afternoon's meeting on his laptop.

Me: You're like some kind of multimedia repository!
Boss: I sometimes feel like a multimedia suppository, but that's a different thing.
Me: Yeah, that's "the Internet".
denny: (Warning - Self-replicating device)

No, this is not my new job. However, I do start work at my new job tomorrow, and henceforth may be slightly less omnipresent online for a while, until I emerge from the other side of the 'argh argh argh new stuff to learn argh!' phase of things. Hopefully.
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Subject to references and so on, I start at my new job on the 25th (having told them that I was doing two clubs this weekend and therefore they really wouldn't want me in the office on Monday coming!)

It's an Analyst Programmer role at a small web development company with a focus on mobile content delivery. They seem very keen on Doing Things Properly, which is going to be a pleasant change from the rather more reactive and 'good enough for now' style of work which we did a lot of at OG. I'm really excited about being able to work on a decent bit of software architecture instead of always having to rush into adding features without enough time to design them properly first.


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