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Hi Denny,

We have not met yet, but I am Matt Gough. I am the Marketing Coordinator for Airkix.

I understand that you are the administrator for the unofficial Airkix fan group(?).

I understand that you created this group to bring together fellow fans before we decided to make a fan page ourselves, so thanks very much for being a great supporter. It is much appreciated that we have such loyal customers.

I have recently been bought on board at Airkix to improve our marketing and drive our brand image. As such I am putting some focus towards social media sites, including our Facebook page.

Whilst I know you made this group with the best intentions and it has been a great place for members to communicate about their experiences, would it be possible for you to close the group down? The only reason why I ask is that, I'd like to avoid any facebook users not realising that the official page exists (where we provide special promotions etc), and as I'm sure you can imaging, I need to have tight control over anything that could influence our brand image.

I hope you are able to understand my position.

Many Thanks,


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I just posted an article on Police State UK called The open privacy problem. It's partly a review of the Cory Doctorow / Charles Stross talk I went to on Friday, and partly a general ramble on the conflict between the kind of data-sharing we voluntarily and happily commit on social networking sites, and the expectations of reasonable privacy that we all have - sometimes regarding the exact same data, just in a different context.


Feb. 17th, 2007 08:08 pm
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You should all go and check out Twitter. Here's the very basic explanation of what it is (because it's not obvious from looking at their slightly hideous website):

1. You create an account.
2. You add your friends to your friends list.
3. When you go somewhere unusual, you send a text message to Twitter saying "Bored today, going to see Chinese New Year parade, be at Trafalgar Square in half hour or so", and the site sends that message by SMS to everyone on your friends list!

It's like that madly disorganised last-minute thing of sending texts to people who might be in the area you've unexpectedly found yourself in, only on a thermonuclear scale. Also, cheaper. I'm not sure yet whether it will be cool or bloody annoying in the long run, but it's easy enough to turn the text notifications on and off via SMS or web, and you can configure times to automatically stop and start them each day so you don't get them while you're asleep.

So - go sign up, check it out - it'll only be useful if a load of us get on there. My username is denny if you'd like to add me to your friends list (I will probably only add people who are in or likely to visit London).

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