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I would like to buy about 130 feet of 'black ash effect' contiboard shelving. Does anywhere sell it any more?

I want about 90 feet at 15cm wide, and about 40 feet of it at about 25cm wide (paperback books and graphic novels, respectively).

I was all ready to buy all the bits to make my bookshelves this weekend, but neither Homebase nor B&Q sell black shelves any more. I assume this means they've gone out of fashion, but I don't really care - I want them anyway.

By the way, if anyone has any advice on how many brackets it'd be wise to put on a 12 foot long shelf crammed with paperbacks (or graphic novels) then I'd be very happy to hear it. I'm planning to use this sort of stuff to hold it all up: - vertical rails - brackets

I was thinking maybe one vertical rail every 2 or 3 feet? But that's just guessing based on the typical width of a free-standing bookshelf.
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I'd like to get the new place put onto a planet-friendly gas and electric tariff, does anyone have any suggestions on good companies/deals to check out? I use a lot of electricity, but not much gas - the only gas item in the flat is a hob, whereas there are electric heaters in two of the rooms as well as computers and many other gadgets sucking electricity.
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My new flat has a lot of not-quite-built-in wardrobe/cupboard space (i.e. fairly solid units that are very solidly attached to the walls, but if detached from the walls they would still be whole units, not just front panels and framework). I do not want them. Do you?

It's all about six foot tall, plus some decorative guff on the top that you could probably leave on or take off depending on preference. Chipboard/MDF construction with fake mahogany finish. They look quite nice, if you like that sort of thing, and they seem to be in good condition. It's sort of a shame to take them all down, but (a) they're not really my style, and (b) I really don't have that many clothes! I'd prefer to have the extra space in my bedroom rather than spare cupboards etc.

Amongst the units there's a kind of headboard on steroids thing, an arch of cupboards that puts a pillar of cupboard up each side of the bed plus overhead cupboards over the top of the bed. Personally I wouldn't want to sleep semi-enclosed like that, but ymmv.

There are also two small chests of drawers, matching, similar appearance to the rest of the stuff, but I have just offered those to someone so he has first refusal. Feel free to put yourself second on the list though.

Anyone who does want this stuff needs to come over and look at it this weekend and give us a definite 'yes' along with a removal date in the Very Near Future, as we'll probably start dismantling it and throwing it in a skip otherwise.
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The broadband appears to be working at the new flat, so I guess it's officially 'home' now.

The new place is covered in bags full of clothing, boxes full of books, and boxes full of random crap... so, as anyone who visited either of my last two residences is no doubt saying, no change there. Of course, this time I am resolved to actually unpack them all and get it all sorted out and tidied away and generally be a grown-up.

Hey, it could happen.

I actually went back to the old place to let the agents and a potential new tenant in today, and realised that I'd left one of my mirrors on the wall when I emptied the last of my stuff out of there last night. So, as of lunchtime today, all my stuff is definitely out of there. Probably.

In other news, I have an ulcer on the side of my tongue that's bigger than some of my teeth. If I have conversations more than about four sentences long, it actually becomes so debilitatingly painful that I have to sit down, and often starts bleeding. Fun! Still, it's only been there a week or so, I'm sure it'll go away any day now. And on the bright side, the pain level of eating has meant that mostly I haven't been, so I've lost at least a stone at a guess. My cheekbones are looking good. ;)

Oh yeah, the decoration at the new place is really seriously bad. I bought it off a retired couple, and it looks like something out of a late '70s Ideal Home Magazine. I have chandeliers. If anybody can recommend a painter and decorator based in the London area (or willing to work in central London anyway) then please do let me know, I'm very very keen to hire one (or two) ASAP.

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