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Aerotech have announced details of (and started shipping some of) their new range of glow equipment for jugglers, poi and staff spinners, etc.

Shiniest. Things. EVAR.


Video evidence of supreme shininess:

I may have to sell someone's kidneys.

Poi Poser

Dec. 18th, 2005 05:47 pm
denny: Photo of me wearing my beloved silly hat.  It's wuzzy! (Default)
Absolutely fantastic shot of me doing poi at the last TG... I look like the biggest poser on the planet :-D

imagey goodness )
denny: Photo of me wearing my beloved silly hat.  It's wuzzy! (Default)
A (rather cute) photographer took a cool picture of me spinning glow-poi on stage at TG: image )

Also, Allen (one of the two guys who owns/runs TG) waved me back onto the main stage to carry on poi'ing at one point when I was going to come off. So I'm quite pleased about that :) Although with this encouragement bouying my already perky mood, I did fail to notice the blisters forming on my fingers until I actually stripped the skin from one of them. Ouchie. But *perk*! Shiny! Spinny! Shiny! :)
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Got fed up with waiting for the Cyberdog pics to arrive (yes, I am remarkably impatient), so decided to see if I could get any kind of useful pic out of my own 'happy snaps' quality digicam. This one was the best of the bunch for giving an idea of how pretty they might be to watch...

Practical experimentation in the field of Swirliology )

Update: decided to make a user icon out of the pic, as you may have noticed.

Update: took a couple of work-safe pics showing the strobe setting on the programmable ball...

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