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Regarding this post about my Xorg problems, apparently the Xorg project have removed multi-card support. On purpose.

This makes me unhappy.

There's a bug tracking the issue here, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere at present.

Thanks to [personal profile] reddragdiva for letting me know.

Not really sure what to do now - apparently Hardy (8.04) was the last Ubuntu version to include multi-card support. I guess I'll put my old disk back in for now, with the Hardy system on it - dropping back down to two monitors is actually far more annoying when coding than I thought it would be.

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Since installing Ubuntu 9.04 I've been unable to get my three-screen set-up working again.

I can get it to run either the two screens from the PCIe card, or the single screen on the PCI card, but not all three screens at once.

Here is the xorg.conf for all three screens, and the diffs to get the two/one screen set-ups (I just remove the unwanted screens from the server layout section - everything else stays the same):

Here is the Xorg.0.log for each of the set-ups: (2 screens, PCIe card, works) (1 screen, PCI card, works) (3 screens, both cards - broken)

If anybody has any great ideas on how to fix it, I'd love to hear them.
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J's reaction was "She's almost life-size!". I thought about this on the way back from the gym and realised that as my screens are six foot from corner to corner, and she's got her legs tucked in, she is in fact significantly larger-than-life. Yay, giant naked woman?
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cut because nobody wants to see it )

...and posted because I don't want to lose it again :)

Actually, this is an improvement on the last set-up - I now have full separation of the three screens, whereas two of them were a little confused and occasionally thought they were one BIG screen before.

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