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Tomorrow I will be taking part in the Climate Camp 'Swoop'. I will also be one of the people responsible for running the official Climate Camp twitter account - my posts will be the ones tagged #RioTintoSwoop. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and I'll remember to post about it later in the week after I've got some sleep!
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This afternoon I spent quite a while trying to re-find the footage which I knew I'd seen, of riot police baton-charging seated protesters. I did eventually find it:

The segment in question is between 05:38 and 05:44, although it's worth seeing the context from about 05:20 which shows you that the crowd were already sat down peacefully before the charge began - they didn't sit down during a push. The police are just laying into people who were sat down doing nothing more threatening than singing badly.

When I gave the link to Helen (who'd also been looking for it), she spotted video evidence of something else that we'd seen people blogging about - police medics taking advantage of their protected position just behind the front-line to lean over that line and inflict repeated full-arm baton swings on the protesters. See 02:09 - see the guy in the black uniform rear of the line, swinging away enthusiastically - note the green 'white cross' patch on the right of his chest.

That man's job is to help the injured.

I thought my cynicism was fully up to the job of being unsurprised by the police-instigated violence at these protests, but the sight of a medic laying into protesters who are absolutely no danger to him at all? That's really quite upsetting.
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