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Update, February 2012: I received an email recently from Adam, claiming that the various trolling efforts detailed in this post and its comments were by a disgruntled former employee that he had a professional falling out with.

I don't see any way to prove this either way, but thinking about it, even if it was him, he now apparently wishes he hadn't done it, which indicates an improvement in maturity levels over the last 5 years.

So, I'm going to put the original post behind a cut, and leave this notice at the top - either Adam is the victim of a bit of deliberate reputational damage, in which case he has my sympathies, or at worst he's a better man now than he was then, in which case he has my congratulations.

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In yet another wave of the eternally ongoing discussion about the attitude problems of #debian, ##php and #perl on Freenode, the following link got thrown into the discussion... and I liked it a lot.

How to Build a User Community, Part 1
<Eskarin> can you set me cloak, please?
<denny> hi
-NickServ-            Nickname: eskarin << ONLINE >>
-NickServ-          Registered: 45 weeks 3 days (18h 38m 15s) ago
<denny> you need to link a second nick to this one
<Eskarin> ok, done, thanks a lot 
-NickServ-            Nickname: eskarin
-NickServ-          Registered: 45 weeks 3 days (18h 42m 6s) ago
-NickServ-               Cloak: unaffiliated/marenk
-NickServ-    Linked Nicknames (first is master):
-NickServ-                      1) marenk
-NickServ-                      2) eskarin
<denny> marenk is your main nick?
<Eskarin> Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it.  How did you hear about Eskarin?
<denny> <Eskarin> hi
<denny> <Eskarin> can you set me cloak, please?
<denny> you already have a cloak on marenk
<Eskarin> That's an interesting question I don't hear everyday: Do I have a cloak on marenk. 
           I have a lot of friends on the Internet.
<denny> so that applies to this nick too now that you've linked them
<Eskarin> Hmm. "I have a lot of friends on the Internet." applies to this nick too now that you 
           have linked them ? I get I have a lot of friends on the Internet..
<denny> ...great, I have a cloak request from an Eliza bot.
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I've just got on IRC and found out that Rob Levin, the guy who created Freenode (previously OpenProjects, previously Linpeople), died yesterday of injuries sustained in a road accident last week.

Without the network of people that Rob built up, I literally have no idea where my career would be at this point - the #linpeople community was a massive influence on me while I was still finishing my degree more than seven years ago. Their good example led me to form MK LUG, and before that their help and support made me leap confidently (or at least, with some vague amount of hope that I could survive it) into my first Perl job. For me, the network that is now called Freenode pretty much defines the phrase 'the open source community'.

Rob frequently took time over the years that I've been using the network to pop up in a /msg and ask me how I was doing, just chat about everyday life... I have no idea how many of the users on his network he managed to build a personal relationship with at this kind of level, but he definitely struck me as someone who really cared about what he did and the people he helped by doing it.

I hope that Freenode continues to build on all the work that Rob has been doing over the years. I'm junior staff on the network now myself, so I hope to be part of that process.

My sympathies to all who knew lilo, particularly to those who knew him better than I did, and most of all to his family.

RIP lilo. - brief announcement. - Q+A session.

Update: - online book of condolences

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