Jul. 9th, 2007

denny: (Trust the fuckhead)
My letting agents today tried to blag me into signing a new shorthold tenancy agreement rather than just renewing the existing one - this would tie me down to that flat for another six months minimum with no get-out clause. It's bad enough that the current contract has a two-month notice period, I absolutely am not getting tied into anything longer-term than that for no good reason.

I don't have any idea if I'll want to move inside that time-frame - depends when the settlement comes through, and how long it takes to find somewhere nice to buy, if that's even possible in this area with my budget - but I'm fed up with their shitty sneaky fucking tricks. Gah.

Anyway, I told them I'd rather move out tomorrow than sign the piece of paper they were claiming I had to sign. I must have looked convincingly annoyed because they phoned the landlord (supposedly) while I waited, then took the six-month bit out of the contract and re-printed it. I've signed now, I just hope there aren't any more sneaky fuckwit ideas in there.

If they actually did their job in any useful respect I might have a bit more time for them, but my kitchen blind still hasn't been fixed. It only fell on my fucking head on the day I moved in... that's over a year now. Bastards.

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