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When I started doing freerunning, I was very cautious. And that meant I was careful to steer clear of any movements that scared me. If a jump looked like it was a bit too far for me, or maybe it required too precise a landing, or something like that.

Now, that's changed. Or it's become more fine-grained. I'm still very cautious - I have to be, I'm older than most freerunners (and consequently heal slowly) and I have a dodgy knee before I even start playing silly buggers - I have to be careful! But these days, jumps that are too far for me don't scare me... because I know I can't do them and so I'm not going to try. There's nothing scary about a jump that you're not going to attempt.

The ones that scare me now, the movements that make my stomach do little somersaults all of its own when I contemplate them, are the ones that my subconscious knows I am physically capable of... because that means that any minute now, I'm probably going to try it. :)

If it scares you, you should probably do it.

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