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Okay, this one is ickier than the last one, be warned.

On Wednesday I took off all the dressings and replaced them, stopping only to take a pic for your viewing pleasure:

actually, that's kinda gross

Thank you to [ profile] florence90 for accompanying me on the walk to buy the dressings, being there while I took off the old ones, and last but not least, for taking the above pic.

The astute will notice that there are no temporary stitches on the bottom half of the incision. The really astute will put this together with the fact that I've already replaced the bottom dressing once due to its blood-soaked state, and realise that I pulled half my stitches off when I took the dressing off last time. Fortunately nothing appears to have split in the meantime, so I guess I got away with it.

I only realised after I saw the stitches on the top half, then I went and dug the old dressing out of a bin and found all the stitches from the bottom half stuck to the underside of it... so caked in blood that it's not surprising I didn't spot them first time around, and not particularly surprising that they were more attached to the dressing than they were to me.

While you're admiring the above pic, if you look about halfway down the unstitched part of the incision, about a centimetre below the main incision line ('below' as you look at the pic), you'll see a red patch about a centimetre square maybe. It would appear that they couldn't reach to unscrew one of my screws through the main incision, so they made a little hole there too. Either that or a careless surgeon stuck his thumbnail through my leg while he was holding the main cut open :) To be honest it looks more like the latter, but I'm guessing surgeons probably keep their fingernails well-trimmed.
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