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Just got home from my friendly Valentines evening with [ profile] arachne, who very kindly took me out to see a comedy show at a venue I'd never heard of before. Apparently the Science Museum has an over 18s bar with all kinds of interesting events running in it - well worth checking out!

We had a good evening (comedy about sex and science), followed by organic pizza at some overly trendy place nearby, and then I wandered happily homeward.

Shame about the minor irritation on my way home:

The one in which Denny gets the arse and emails someone who probably couldn't care less )

In other news, I'm very tired all the time lately... I think it's partly my seasonal hibernating instinct, but mostly the mental effort involved in being manglement at work. It's all going really well so far, all crises have been handled as well as I could hope, but it still seems to be taking far more toll on my energy levels than I'd realised it would. More (or any) early nights required, I suspect.


Sep. 18th, 2006 10:17 am
denny: Photo of me wearing my beloved silly hat.  It's wuzzy! (Default)

(via [ profile] burritob)

In honour of my job in the antiques industry, this one is now my new desktop background at work:

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