Sep. 23rd, 2013

denny: (Ouch!)
So this is fascinating, in a horrific sort of way. Please DO NOT CLICK THROUGH if you are not up for seeing something very gory!

I was reading an article and it included a link to an image of fasciotomy surgery taking place. This is the surgery that was performed on my right calf, leaving me with a large scar from ankle to knee on the inner side of the calf, and an even larger skin graft between ankle and knee on the outer side of the calf.

It had never occurred to me to look for such an image before. Having seen it now... um. Wow. It's no wonder my leg is all kinds of fucked up. This is only one of the several traumatic things that happened to it all in the space of a week!

Seriously, last warning, very very blood-and-gore sort of image, internals of the human body on display, don't click through if you're going to regret it afterwards: Never has the 'cut' tag been so appropriate )

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