Dec. 15th, 2007

I r ninja.

Dec. 15th, 2007 02:07 am
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Today (yesterday, technically), I spent a large chunk of the afternoon at Airkix, learning to do frontflips and backflips whilst floating in midair. I can't remember the last time I grinned so much.

Backflips. In midair. I'm a fucking Manga character.

I fact, when I left I was still grinning so much that people were giving me weird looks and then giving me a wide berth on the pavement :-p

I'm still high on endorphins now. :)
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"When you have your partner pinioned, simply twist another spank tie into the shape of your choice and spank as hard as you like - the soft rubber prevents any real pain or damage to the skin but you both get the pleasure of a satisfying spank."
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Video clips of me trying to learn transitions from belly-flying to backflying and vice versa (turns out that back to belly is relatively easy, belly to back not so simple):

Barrel rolls

Ninja backflips!

Yeah, okay, so I still suck at it. But it was SO MUCH FUN!

In the process of trying to learn the latter, I did acquire a certain amount of bruising )

Oh, before I was allowed to start on transitions, I had to do stability training for backflying. Which basically means you try to float on the spot while the instructor tries to knock you out of the air :)

Backflying stability

In other bodyflying news, I just found a good page showing the progression of the various bodyflying levels, with some info about each one:

Their time estimates seem wildly optimistic to me - I'd double them all, at minimum - I've taken about two to three times that long for the stages I've done so far, and I'm told I'm 'about average'. Other than that it all tallies up with what I've been told by instructors so far, and seen other people doing. I just thought I'd post it to give people some idea of what the hell I'm talking about, if anyone actually cares that is :) So far I'm up to the end of backflying, about to move on to the walking drills (once I can stop bouncing off the net on those front->back transitions!)

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