Jun. 29th, 2007


Jun. 29th, 2007 09:52 am
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Left my mobile phone at Helen's last night - I don't think I'll be able to collect it until late Saturday afternoon / early Saturday evening - so if you need me for something, IRC is your best bet (freenode or netgoth, username denny) - or phone my work number, or leave a message on my home answerphone.
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Dear Mr de la Haye

Re: ACCIDENT ON  : 17 JUNE 2003 

Further to my telephone messages today the other party's solicitors have 
made an offer in full and final settlement of your claim.  The total offer 
is a gross sum of £100,000.00 on a full liability basis.

My solicitor has recommended that I counter-offer to settle at a higher amount, so there's probably still a week or so of negotiations to go, but... the end is in sight! About bloody time. And they've accepted full liability, which was always the sticking point for me.
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The other side have come back with an offer of £110,000. My solicitor is asking for my opinion, but she's suggesting we could counter-offer at £120k with an eye to eventually settling at £115k.

I'm starting to get quite a strong feeling of "quit while you're ahead", but she still seems very confident.

I've decided to ask her to make the £115k offer ourselves, instead of trying to haggle them into making it. I hate haggling, always have. If they're mentally aiming towards £115k then hopefully they'll accept the offer from us rather than trying to worm their way down, and if they aren't willing to go any higher (or they were, but decide to worm in the face of my apparent weakness) then fucking hell, £110,000 is a lot of money - another 5k on top of it is pretty much garnish at this point.

Exciting afternoon. I think I need a drink. o_O
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...me half-naked.

I did a photoshoot with Helen a few months ago - some pics (at least two NWS) below the emo boy's wrist )
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Dear Denny
The opponent's Solicitors have now come back with a gross offer of £115,000.00 in full and final settlement of your claim.


Roughly translated:


I've sent my instructions to accept the offer.

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