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Two weeks of Plan: EAT ALL THE THINGS, and so far so good. I have eaten a LOT. Seriously, I keep having to make myself eat when I'm not hungry to get enough food in, which is odd after being careful with food for a year. I'm not eating particularly healthily (lots of KFC during the week), although I'm still avoiding sugary drinks and sweets.

So far, I have regained the weight I was underweight by, and also added back a couple of kilos over my 'ideal' weight (currently at 67.8kg, 'ideal' is 66kg), and so far it's been more muscle than fat. I'm back to almost the highest muscle mass I've ever had (27.3kg/40.2% this morning, max was 27.5kg/40.7%), and my body-fat is still reasonably low (10.9kg/16.1% this morning, lowest I've got is 10.4kg/15.9%). I think this is the best balance between the two that I have had to date, at least as far as the numbers I've got a record of are concerned (I lost some data from last year, but I think it was all worse than recent data given my general trend of improvement).

So, if Plan: EAT ALL THE THINGS keeps working this way, I'll be a happy (and better-muscled) man! Hopefully in the medium/long-term this will let me hit my original goals of 42% muscle mass and 15% body-fat.

In other news, I went to a handstands class at Circus Space to see what it's like there. It seems like a cool place. The handstands class itself was harder than I'd expected (I'm probably at a base level of fitness for that place, which is humbling!), but it was fun anyway, so I'm going back next week and the week after, and will probably keep going to those alongside my general circus skills course there this summer, as long as I can afford it.
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