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(Warning; half-naked photos behind the cut) body-shaping )

In other exercise-related news, I've been trying to figure out how to install a pull-ups bar at home, but I suspect it's beyond my DIY skills. To be honest, even putting up a picture hook is beyond my DIY skills, and I'm not likely to get injured if one of those comes crashing to the ground - a pull-ups bar really wants to be solid. Might see if I can hire someone to do it once I've finished this contract I start tomorrow, as I'll have some money then.
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Is there any way to work on improving your posture other than 'be mindful of it until it sinks in'?
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I had an interesting weekend last week. For reasons mostly related to my citizen journalism project Police State UK, I decided to put myself on the front line of the recent riots in Tottenham.

Somewhat to my surprise, it wasn't the police who beat me up. Instead, it was half a dozen young rioters, who thought I might be an undercover policeman! (I am greatly offended by this suggestion, as you might imagine.) Fortunately some older wiser heads intervened, and I got out of it with nothing worse than mildly bruised ribs, badly bruised arms and right hand (from blocking kicks to the ribs, I think), and a fairly impressive black eye and bruised jaw.

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Speaking of photos, as I was in the previous post; if anyone has photos of me topless, taken after 2003, I'd appreciate a copy. :)
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This post contains a number of numbers - weight, BMI, etc - past and present.

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Over the last year or so, and more seriously over the last eight weeks, I've been making a bit of an effort to improve my physique. I may start writing some stuff about that here. Posts on this subject will be behind the cut-text 'body-shaping', as they may potentially be triggery for ED people. Please don't read my body-shaping posts if you're going to be upset by discussion of diet, exercise, and/or (often negative) body image. There may also be some mild TMI in there about my sex life, you never know your luck.

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...on that note, I've just realised that I need to go hit the cross-trainer right now if I'm going to fit it in today; I'm at a tech workshop / training course thing this evening. So I'll post this now, and maybe update it or post a follow-up later. (Look ma, no proof-reading!)

By the way, the reason I decided to try to blog some of this is that I've found it motivating to read about other people (that I know) trying to work on similar stuff lately - sort of a remote/virtual gym-buddy deal. I feel like I should try to return the favour.

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