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Tattoo lust entirely undiluted by the fantastic job [ profile] libellum did of decorating me for [ profile] lzz's birthday party:

four fake tattoo pictures: three of me, one of Helen )

Poi Poser

Dec. 18th, 2005 05:47 pm
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Absolutely fantastic shot of me doing poi at the last TG... I look like the biggest poser on the planet :-D

imagey goodness )
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A (rather cute) photographer took a cool picture of me spinning glow-poi on stage at TG: image )

Also, Allen (one of the two guys who owns/runs TG) waved me back onto the main stage to carry on poi'ing at one point when I was going to come off. So I'm quite pleased about that :) Although with this encouragement bouying my already perky mood, I did fail to notice the blisters forming on my fingers until I actually stripped the skin from one of them. Ouchie. But *perk*! Shiny! Spinny! Shiny! :)
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So a couple of weeks ago I had to go and fix a couple of work's servers. They're located in a hosting facility called Global Switch, which is in Docklands.

Imagine my delight, on reading the directions for finding the place, when I found out that I was going to "East India Docks"!

My PotC quotes at this point were sadly completely wasted on my colleagues, but I did find an enthusiastic interest from [ profile] lzz via SMS, so my burst of amusement wasn't totally lost.

I think it was on the DLR on the last leg of the journey that our SMS conversation reached the point where we decided I should get a pirate brand to mark the occasion :) Now, I've been having quite a bit of tattoo lust lately, just that non-specific 'must get a tattoo, must get a tattoo' itch that anyone with a few already will probably be familiar with... damn things are addictive. Anyway, I was a bit taken aback when a design leapt from out of nowhere, straight into the front of my generally unartistic mind, and insisted it was a great idea. Combining the timing with the tattoo lust, it was all I could do not to get it done on the way back from Docklands :-P

However, as with all great tattoo ideas, I thought I'd let it sit a month or two and see if it still seemed like a clever idea. Especially as this one wants to live on my inner wrist... I originally never planned to get any tattoos on my lower arms, so that I could cover up what I've got easily when older if I should want to do so. However, I think at this point I've come to feel that no matter what I'm like when I'm older, I won't be completely embarrassed of what I'm like now (not something I could have said at age 21 when I had my first tattoo!), so I think I feel comfortable with the idea of this tattoo position these days.

In the meantime, I got dumped. See previous whining for details, but obviously it left me in a weird frame of mind. The last bit, where I found out that I got dumped for being too nice, mostly left me hugely pissed off. And so, I decided I was going to cut said design into myself right now, and carry on thinking about having it tattooed. It's only a light cut, (a) because I'm a big girly wuss, and (b) because of the location. Mostly (a). :)

So, after all that build-up... teh pixx0r )

It's meant to say EI (East India!), if you look at it from the right angle, and more importantly it's not meant to say anything most of the time. It's just a nice simple abstract. It'd be nicer as a tattoo, as it would all be even and straight, but I think the basic idea looks okay this way too...
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Various people asked, so, here they are...

ObDisclaimer: Behind the cut are pictures of the scars I've acquired recently, including the skin graft and the skin graft donor site. Don't click through unless you want to see that kind of picture.

Enough with the warnings, show me the mangled flesh! )
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Well, actually the first two are CT scans - like X-rays but higher resolution.

This way for three large images... )
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Got fed up with waiting for the Cyberdog pics to arrive (yes, I am remarkably impatient), so decided to see if I could get any kind of useful pic out of my own 'happy snaps' quality digicam. This one was the best of the bunch for giving an idea of how pretty they might be to watch...

Practical experimentation in the field of Swirliology )

Update: decided to make a user icon out of the pic, as you may have noticed.

Update: took a couple of work-safe pics showing the strobe setting on the programmable ball...

Oooh, flashy )

Hair Bear

Jan. 27th, 2003 09:10 pm
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My curiousity was aroused by a post in [ profile] olithered journal, and so I took a picture of myself from behind, to see how long my hair is these days... it's quite long )
While I was saving that pic off from the camera I also found this one from a private fetish party I went to a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what it is girls enjoy so much about plaiting long hair on guys, but this sort of thing happens to me quite often )

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