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Haven't been writing here about the body-shaping stuff much lately, the reason for that is two-fold... firstly, it's reached the stage where my improved dietary habits and gym attendance have largely settled in and aren't requiring so much focus to maintain, and secondly, there's not been much progress lately. My body-fat, muscle mass and overall weight are all staying fairly constant, my strength seems to have stalled in the all the major lifts now, and my visual appearance isn't changing much either.

I say 'much' because there does still seem to be some slight visual shift going on - I'm pretty sure that my abs, although they're still not especially visible, are a tiny bit more so than they were when I initially arrived at this weight and body composition a few months ago. So, not sure what's happening there, but obviously I'm not complaining. :)

I had flu last week, which scrambled my brain nicely. In the process I apparently lost all my recent mental updates to my internal body image, and reverted back to thinking I look the way I looked from 2007-2010. This meant that every time I walked past the bathroom mirror I did a double-take at the completely-unexpected amount of muscles I have now - there seemed to be a lot of them. Interesting, and pleasing, to be reminded how far I've come.

So, not much recent progress, but a nice reminder of overall progress. I'm feeling good about that this week, so the latter must have been pretty valuable emotionally. I wish I had 'before' photos, they'd probably help in a similar way, but I didn't really start taking pics until I was already 3/4 of the way to being fit.

Today I counted calories, hah. I decided to work out how much protein/carbs/fat/calories are in my most commonly-prepared meal - pasta with tuna mayo and cucumber. Weighing everything before you eat it is incredibly tedious and I have no idea how people actually do this on an ongoing basis, but anyway... it breaks down something like this:
Protein 53g (2/3 from tuna, 1/3 from pasta)
Carbs 81g (almost entirely from pasta)
Fat 106g (almost entirely from mayo)
Energy 1489kcal (936 from mayo)

So mayo apparently not that healthy - who knew? ;)

In other news, I finally figured out how to fake up a pull-up bar at home, so I've done plenty of pull-ups this evening :) Turns out if you open the double-doors to the built-in cupboard in the corner of my bedroom, and then wedge a crutch across the top of both doors, it's about the right height and width for decent pull-ups - just have to tuck my legs up a bit to get full depth, not bad at all.

Finally, vaguely related to feeling fitter these days... I've been watching lots of parkour and free-running videos, and telling myself that it would be a really stupid thing for me to try, given the state of my leg. I keep telling myself, but I keep watching the videos and thinking 'well maybe if I was really careful'. No.

Absolutely not.


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