Oct. 2nd, 2011 08:06 pm
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It's been all go here lately... the job is going okay, but commuting was such a total pain in the arse that I dug my old microscooter out from under the bed, blew off the cobwebs, and started riding that in. Same speed as the bus journey on an average day, but without the random and sometimes significant delays added by buses not turning up, buses turning up too full to get on, buses being diverted halfway across London, etc etc. And of course, I get some exercise every day this way!

I'm still not doing a great deal in the way of gym visits, hard to find the motivation around the job. I have started doing push-ups quite often though, and was amazed to find that with the muscle I've built up at the gym, ten push-ups is no longer enough to flatten me for half an hour! I can now knock out a set of ten without too much heavy breathing, and I'm experimenting with either doing 3 or 4 sets of ten in an evening, or doing 1 or 2 sets of 20 to see how that hits me. 20 is definitely a stretch, but I can generally do it, which is very pleasing.

I'm also still being pretty random about my dietary habits... trying to ease back into good habits occasionally, but mostly still indulging my sweet tooth and my love of fry-ups and KFC. I'm putting weight back on slowly, and it is all fat rather than muscle according to the scales, but overall I'm not too worried about it for now... it's a lot more convenient to eat random takeaways and other crap while working in a client's offices than it is to eat healthy stuff. And eating copious amounts of chocolate really does make coding significantly easier. :-p

[personal profile] helenic has had a bit of turmoil in her life recently and has ended up living at my place. As far as the body-shaping stuff goes this is probably going to be quite helpful, as she's a good cook who makes healthy food and doesn't mind restricting her choices to stuff that I'll eat most of the time, so that's bound to improve the quality of my diet, at least on evenings and weekends. Also, she's been stepping up her own exercise routine lately, mostly with classes and swimming but also a bit of gym work - she's signed up to my local gym now, so that might encourage me to go along a bit more often myself.

Finally, I got an invite to Fitocracy recently (thanks [personal profile] tajasel!) so I've started tracking what exercise I am doing on there. I have some invites left if anyone is interested in trying it, and obviously if any of you are already on there then please find and follow me so I can follow you back - my username on there is dennymeta
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