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(Warning; half-naked photos behind the cut) So, I have hit what probably counts as my first major milestone... for the last few mornings I've consistently been slightly under my weight of 3 years ago. Combine this with the visible gains in muscle on my arms and shoulders, and I would guess I have to be in better shape now than I was then. I haven't managed to find much in the way of photo evidence to compare against, but it seems unlikely I'm looking worse at the same weight.

Speaking of photos, last week I took some photos of me in a relaxed posture, to use for later comparisons. Here are the front and back shots:

Photo of my front. Photo of my back.

The shots taken from the side (my habitual slouch vs. 'breathe in and stand up straight') were what prompted the recent question about how to improve posture:

Photo of my side; slouching. Photo of my side; standing up straight. Ish.

I also took some with me tensing my muscles like a wannabe body-builder. The front shot is too embarrassing to share :) but this one taken from behind is okay - shoulders and upper arms look nice in this pose:

Photo of my back.

(Not entirely sure if the ripply bits on my lower back are emerging muscles or remaining lard - anyone care to venture a guess? They feel like they might be muscle.)

In other exercise-related news, I've been trying to figure out how to install a pull-ups bar at home, but I suspect it's beyond my DIY skills. To be honest, even putting up a picture hook is beyond my DIY skills, and I'm not likely to get injured if one of those comes crashing to the ground - a pull-ups bar really wants to be solid. Might see if I can hire someone to do it once I've finished this contract I start tomorrow, as I'll have some money then.
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