Oct. 18th, 2007


Oct. 18th, 2007 01:11 pm
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Getting into bed on Tuesday, Helen asks what the hell I've done to my back. I say 'Wut?'. She points out that my back is covered in bruising, and asks if I've been sneaking off for secret liasons with dommes for severe beatings. I saw 'Wut??'. She takes a photo with my phone:

image )

I guess when I was learning backflying last week, I hit the mesh floor a bit harder than I realised each time I fell out of the air.
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I saw these gadgets in someone else's journal:

Now they were talking about getting one to help with their possible SAD. I pretty sure I don't have SAD - I'm just a lazy fucker who hates mornings regardless of what the season is. Unfortunately this is one of the main points of conflict I have left with my boss, who is getting mighty pissed off with me turning up 'late' most mornings (i.e. after the people I'm managing, who have a disturbing tendency to turn up at 9am every day despite having flexitime).

Does anybody have experience of using one of these clocks just to make getting up a bit less painful, rather than as an attempt to perform minor brane-surgery on themselves? Or indeed, am I just failing to self-diagnose with SAD here? (I'll put it alongside AADD, autism, and all the other things that seem to have got trendy on the internets over the last few years)

The theory behind the clock does seem like a potentially workable idea, but then I think about how much light my bedroom blinds let in during summer and I don't recall being any keener to wake up or get up then, so maybe it's not going to make any difference?

Still... it sure is shiny.

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