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I've just read (in The Sun, so consider the reliability of the source, but anyway) that the police are investigating the possibility that the guyropes were cut by vandals. First reaction is that this would be easy to check - look for cut ropes - which makes me think that maybe they've already found cut ropes, and now they're trying to figure out whether it was done as part of the rescue operation or not. Apparently the exhibit itself was sliced up at a previous location.

The London appearance has been confirmed cancelled, so there goes the birthday plan. Does anybody have any thoughts on what else might be fun to do? I'm completely lacking in ideas.
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...appear to have taken down their entire website this morning. Feels like a strange reaction - I was expecting to find some kind of official statement, not a badly spelt 'unavailable' message and a load of 404 errors.
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The whole 'structure' took off in a high wind and two people got killed, a load more injured. As for the exhibit itself, between damage sustained while it was flying around and damage caused by the rescue crews, I very much doubt it's going to carry on running. I'll email them late next week to double check, once they've had a chance to figure out wtf's going on, but for now I'm guessing I'll need to figure out something else to do on my birthday.


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